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Eric Clayberg is a seasoned software technologist, product developer, entrepreneur and manager. He has demonstrated his ability to successfully invent and develop software products which dominate their target markets. He is the primary author and architect of over a dozen commercial Smalltalk and Java add-on products including the popular WindowBuilder Pro, CodePro Studio and the award winning VA Assist Enterprise product lines. He has been a key member in the founding of two successful software companies. He is a seasoned presenter and a sought-after speaker at user group meetings and industry conferences.

Work Experience

1997–present Instantiations, inc.
Senior Vice President of Product Development

Boston, MA &
Portland, OR

Member of founding team of Instantiations, Inc., a leading edge software product, technology, and services company. Managed the design, development and technical support of several add-on products for IBM’s VisualAge for Smalltalk, VisualAge for Java and WebSphere Studio including the award wining VA Assist Enterprise, CodePro Studio and SWT Designer products. Created the company web site at www.instantiations.com. Speaker at the Smalltalk Solutions ’99, '01 & '02 conferences on the topic Advanced VisualAge Development. Speaker at EclipseCon '04 on the topic of Supporting Multiple Eclipse Version Simultaneously. Smalltalk Editor for the VisualAge Magazine.

1996–1997 ParcPlace-Digitalk, inc.
Vice President of Development.

Sunnyvale, CA

• Promoted to Vice President of Development for ParcPlace-Digitalk, Inc. (NASDAQ:PARQ) after the company’s acquisition of Objectshare Systems, Inc. for $3.5 million.

• Managed a development group of 60 people spanning three development sites (Santa Ana, CA; Sunnyvale, CA; and Portland, OR).

• Traveled frequently to customer sites around North America to present company strategy and demonstrate company products.

• Primary company representative on CompuServe (as Sysop) and Internet.

• Speaker at the ParcPlace-Digitalk Users Conference on the topic WindowBuilder Pro: Tips and Techniques.

1993–1996 Objectshare Systems, inc.
Vice President of Development.

Reston, VA &
Santa Clara, CA

• Co-founder of Objectshare Systems, Inc., the industry leading supplier of third party Smalltalk tools, utilities and consulting services.

• Lead architect and developer of the following products: WindowBuilder Pro/V for ParcPlace-Digitalk’s VisualSmalltalk (Windows & OS/2); WidgetKit/CUA ‘91 for OS/2; Subpanes/V for Windows & OS/2; and WindowBuilder Pro and VA Assist for IBM’s VisualAge for Smalltalk.

• Managed a development group of eight people spanning four development sites (Santa Clara, CA; Reston, VA; Pittsburgh, PA; and Cary, NC).

• Recognized industry expert on the deployment of GUI systems using ParcPlace-Digitalk and IBM Smalltalks. Frequent contributor to Smalltalk language forums on CompuServe and Internet. Contributor to Smalltalk Report.

• Speaker at Smalltalk Solutions and OOPSLA conferences on the topic Practical Guidelines for Delivering Product Quality Smalltalk Applications. Speaker at the ParcPlace-Digitalk Users Conference on the topic Widget Kit Tips & Techniques. Speaker at Smalltalk DevTalk conference on the topic Bringing Object-Oriented Technology to the Masses.

1990–1993 American Management Systems, inc.
Principle – Corporate Technology Group.

Arlington, VA

• GUI – Director of AMS Computer–Human Interaction Center. Regarded as the primary contact and lead technical expert on graphical user interface (GUI) technology within AMS. Instituted and manage GUI training and apprentice program. Responsible for the creation of numerous high-quality GUI systems. Evaluated and beta tested over 15 GUI development environments. Provided GUI consulting and advice to numerous AMS clients and partners including IBM, NYNEX, AMEX, Banc One, Columbia University, and many others.

• Object Oriented – Lead technical architect for several object–oriented development efforts using Smalltalk. Designed and prototyped a large Smalltalk based system for Banque Indosuez in Paris. Provide Smalltalk mentoring to numerous AMS project teams. Developed numerous enhancements to Digitalk’s Smalltalk/V product as well as the WindowBuilder GUI toolkit.

• Client-Server – Managed the Network-based Solutions project focused on enhancing AMS’s ability to deliver distributed client-server applications to its clients. Author of Planning for Successful Network–based Solutions (AMS Mission Mailer).

1988–1990 BHN Associates

Westfield, NJ

Project Manager. Managed the development of a sophisticated OS/2 Presentation Manager–based portfolio management system for The Dreyfus Corporation. Developed all functional specifications including detailed systems designs, database structures, hardware requirements, and implementation schedules. Supervised two full-time and two part-time programmers. Responsible for a $500K development budget.

1986–1988 Dillon, Read & Co. Inc.

New York, NY

Associate. Founding member of Dillon Read’s Fixed Income Research Department. Designed several systems to enhance the profitability and productivity of Dillon Read’s sales and trading force. Created DRCalc, a user-friendly financial calculator and application development system (VAX–based), used to build several applications including Treasury Bond Trading, Mortgaged Backed Security Analysis, Portfolio and Risk Management, Strip Arbitrage, Corporate Bond Trading, and a sophisticated CMO modeling system.

1988–1996 Consultant

Solely responsible for maintenance and upgrades to Dillon Read’s existing sales and trading systems and databases. Designed and implemented numerous systems including Strip Trading & Hedging, Corporate Bond P&L, Portfolio Analysis, Spreads & Butterflies, and additional Treasury Bond Trading systems.

1984–1986 C. S. Draper Laboratory

Cambridge, MA

Engineering Co-op. Developed and implemented a system to perform real time control of the Advanced Inertial Reference Unit ("Star Wars") test platform. Created several programs to analyze performance profiles for a space-based laser platform. Maintained a Secret security clearance.


1990 Self Employed

Reston, VA

Consultant. Self-employed as a VAX, Macintosh, and OS/2 consultant.

1989 Bain & Company, inc.

Boston, MA

Summer Associate. Evaluated competing PCB fabrication technologies for a large multinational electronic component supplier. Interviewed industry experts, suppliers, customers, and client personnel. Prepared and presented final recommendations to client senior management.

1981–1983 Naval Surface Weapons Center

Dahlgren, VA

Performed data reduction and computer programming. Participated in various weapons and munitions test programs including the Phalanx close in weapons system.


1988–1990 Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration

Boston, MA

Awarded Master in Business Administration degree, June 1990. General management curriculum. Member of the Technology Management, Finance, and Rugby Football Clubs. Selected by faculty to be a tutor for Managerial Economics. Self-financed education via ongoing consulting services.

1982–1986 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA

Awarded Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering (Avionics), June 1986. Graduated first in department with a 5.0/5.0 GPA, and received the Henry Webb Salisbury award for the highest academic achievement. Emphasis on guidance, control, and structural mechanics. Significant additional work in Electrical Engineering and Economics.

Member of Tau Beta Pi, National Engineering Honor Society; Sigma Gamma Tau, National Aerospace Honor Society. Elected Freshman Class President, Sophomore Class Treasurer. Served two years as Rush Chairman of Theta Delta Chi Fraternity. Participated in intramural Football, Soccer, Softball, and Hockey. Volunteer tutor for high school students in Latin and Mathematics.

Computer Languages

Smalltalk (IBM Smalltalk, VisualAge, VisualSmalltalk, V/Win16, V/Win32, V/OS2, Team/V, PARTS, ENVY/Developer, VisualWorks), Java (VisualAge, JBuilder, Swing, SWT, JFace, Eclipse, WSW/WSAD), C, C++, FORTRAN, Pascal, Basic, Assembler, EASEL, Enfin/3, Visual Basic, DEC RDB, SQL, Excel, Lotus 123, HTML
Operating Systems: Windows (3.1, 95/98/ME, NT, 2000, XP), OS/2, VAX VMS, DOS, Macintosh.
Certified Apple Developer with one product on the market.


Eclipse: Building Commercial Quality Eclipse Plug-ins, Addison Wesley, 2004. ISBN: 0-321-22847-2.

Create Eclipse Actions, WebSphere Advisor Magazine, March 2004.

Dive Deeper into Eclipse, WebSphere Advisor Magazine, January 2004.

Build an Eclipse Plug-in, WebSphere Advisor Magazine, November 2003.

WidgetKit/Controls Reference Guide, Instantiations, 1998.

VA Assist Pro User's Guide, Instantiations, 1997.

WindowBuilder Pro Tutorial and Reference Guide, Objectshare Systems, 1994.

The Advanced EASEL Cookbook, AMS Confidential, 1992.


2001: IBM Solutions Excellence Award for "Cool Tool" awarded to VA Assist Enterprise/J.



Interests include classic coin-op video games, calligraphy, travel, alpine and water-skiing, stunt-kiting, public speaking and teaching. Married with two children.


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