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Washington DC Area Smalltalk Users Group

The Washington DC Area Smalltalk Users Group (DCSTUG) meets monthly to present and discuss topics related to Smalltalk and Object Oriented Programming. The group began in January 1995 due to the level of interest among the DC computing community for such a group.

Our meetings consist of vendor and non-vendor presentations and informal discussions concerning Smalltalk and other OO topics such as object design, distributed objects, and OO database management systems.

The DCSTUG is not affiliated with any company or other organization and is open to anyone who wants to participate. We encourage anyone interested in Smalltalk and OO topics to attend our meetings.

DCSTUG is currently inactive.

If you have questions about the meeting or the Users Group, or suggestions for this site, contact Donald MacQueen or call (703) 696 9490 or Fax 703 696 9563.

The most active area for Smalltalk jobs is comp.lang.smalltalk. Recruiters please include [Job] in the subject line when posting.

Image of the Smalltalk balloon courtesy of Ian Chai
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Last modified on: 1 July, 2003, by Donald MacQueen